Container Bar Keeps Austin Weird


With an appetite for all things quirky, kitsch, or cool, Austin is not a typical Texan city.

The city’s unofficial motto is “Keep Austin Weird” – an adage that seems to fuel the thriving local hipster culture.

Craft beer is all the rage in Austin. In fact, the only thing in Austin that is hipper than drinking craft beer is drinking craft beer in a multi-level bar made of repurposed shipping containers.


In early 2014, Bridget Dunlap (a stalwart of the Texan bar and restaurant business) put Austin’s Rainey Street on the map as a nightlife destination with the opening of Container Bar.

With unshakable resolve, she transformed the struggling downtown neighbourhood into an up-and-coming social district that is now embraced and loved by Austinites.


Designed by North Arrow Studio, a firm with a reputation for both commercial and residential container refurbishments, Container Bar was an instant hit.

As the name suggests, the striking two-story structure is, an arrangement of several shipping containers, stacked around a central covered courtyard space.

blog-2-cFive of the seven containers function as lounge areas, while each separate container bar has its own unique theme, giving the complex a labyrinthine sense of adventure.

In total, the bar’s indoor and outdoors areas measure a combined 196 square meters of floor space.