If you think beer is only served in cans or bottles, think again. At Murray’s Brewery in sunny Port Stephens NSW, the house brew is served from a modified shipping container.

Affectionately known as the Hop Box, the bright green container bar functions as an outdoor servery at the boutique brewery on the north coast of NSW.

The passionate team at Murrays crack open the container bar for special events, giving patrons the opportunity to order and enjoy beverages in his outdoor beer garden.


The Hop Box is a striking shade of lime green, which evokes the vibrant colour of hops, the flowers used by brewers to flavour and stabilise beer.


Created by Port Container Services, the modified pop up bar is fitted with serving bench, refrigeration unit, and stainless steel bar with taps.


Two servery windows are cut into the profile of the 10ft container and lockable gas strut operated shutters provide additional shade and shelter.

To complete the fit out, a hardwood deck surrounds the container, perfect for a cool beverage in the summer sun.


The story of Murray’s Craft Brewing Co began in 2006 in Taylors Arm, a tiny hamlet with a population of 50.

Murray bought the notorious Pub With No Beer (made famous by Slim Dusty) and installed a microbrewery onsite, to remedy the beer shortage.

When the brewery outgrew the Pub some years later, Murray relocated to Bobs Farm in Port Stephens and to this day, Murray’s naturally crafted beers are still served at his original Taylors Arm outpost.

And now, with the installation of the Hop Box, visitors to the brewery’s new home can enjoy a rotating selection of Murray’s signature craft brews in a scenic natural setting.