Given the designers’ impressive background in interior and furniture design, the elegant furnishings and ornate décor of the Strakx container bar come as little surprise.

strakx 2

From their Yogyakarta headquarters, Strakx design has produced quality furniture for a range of projects – including hotels, spas, restaurants, and residences – since 2001.

In their fourteen years, the Indonesian design firm has produced more than 2,500 unique products.

Though Strakx works with virtually any material that can be found in the vicinity of Yogyakarta, their specialties include reclaimed and “new” teak, stingray, synthetic rattan, and, now, shipping containers.


With local rents at an all-time premium, Strakx set out to combat the perennial problem of land-lease expiry by turning their design expertise to mobile container refits.

The Strakx approach is to mask the container’s industrial appearance with lavish trimmings, without sacrificing the container’s mobility advantage.

Form and function are equal considerations in the Strakz design process.

The firm was initially contracted to design and build emergency accommodation that could withstand heat of more than 700 degrees centigrade.


They investigated the possibility of using shipping containers and, with a little internal and external design magic, they came up with their ezcontainer designs.

Recognising the various cost and logistics advantages of container architecture, Strakx has now developed several practical designs for container bars, restaurants, hotels and homes.