After seven years of touring exhibitions far and wide, Norway’s first mobile shipping container art gallery, known simply as GAD, hosted it’s final show in 2012.


Designed by Oslo architecture firm MMW, the travelling art space upheld the time-honored Scandinavian reputation for clean lines, striking silhouettes, and design innovation.


The idea was simple enough: bring art to the people.


Using ten standard steel shipping containers, the Norwegian architects designed a semi-temporary gallery, which can be dismantled and moved to alternate locations, as needed.


Five converted shipping containers were assembled to create the main ground floor gallery and a further three containers formed a U-shaped second storey, supported by a substantial cantilever.


A third and final level of the innovative design featured two cargo containers transformed into an elevated exhibition space with roof terrace access.

Industrial ladders and stairs connected the stacked containers, creating a continuous, circular path throughout the shipping container gallery.


The partial overlap of containers and the integration of outdoor space gave the structure a bright and airy feel.


Large circular skylights and floor-to-ceiling windows reinforced that sense of space.

The interiors of the refurbished shipping containers were insulated with plywood and sheetrock, and all wall surfaces were painted white to create the perfect surface for exhibiting art.


From coast to countryside, the minimal yet bold silhouette of the nomadic shipping container conversion would command attention in any setting. Like the artworks it contained, GAD was a thought-provoking vision.