Mobile Camera Obscura in a Container


An arts initiative called House of Photography (HOP) was launched in 2012 in a bid to boost public access to the arts. Pushing the experimental boundaries of container redesign, HOP is a mobile camera obscura.


The container functions as a darkroom in which images from its surroundings are projected inside through a well-positioned light source.


HOP has popped up in 14 locations in Singapore, holding analogue photography workshops for the public and schools throughout the country. HOP is currently stationed at DECK, running weekly photography workshops.

The versatile, mobile container fit-out allows HOP to literally hop from one city to the next, delivering innovative public outreach programs that cater to both amateur enthusiasts and serious photographers.


According to Grace Yeong who worked on Singapore’s DECK artspace, containers are a smart structural option for temporary or mobile art initiatives.

“The cost of pre-fabrication of the containers is more affordable and easier to set up within a short period of time,” Yeong says.

“We started the use of containers as an exhibiting space during our third edition of Singapore International Photography Festival,” Yeong says.

“The containers were placed in a public space outside the National Library.”