Tough Mudder recently created media centre for their notoriously difficult obstacle courses.

The media centre was constructed from a 20-foot High Cube shipping container and made to be fully transportable as Tough Mudder travels around Australia.

The sidewalls of the container were converted into two hydraulic decks. Each deck is covered by remote controlled retractable awnings that were built into the structure for easy transport and stacking of the container.


The roof was fully lined and fitted with commercial-grade LED lights, while the flooring was removed and lined with aluminium checker-plate for easy grip and cleaning.

The container was painted matte black internally while an army camouflage pattern was painted on the exterior.


The internal fit out includes two 50″ screens, which are internally mounted on each side wall. Four 50″ screens were also mounted in the external compartment of the container.


This container will be transported to multiple ‘Tough Mudder’ events across the country where contenders can see statistics and look at photos of the event.