From the casinos of Atlantic City to Sandy Hook beach in the north, the Jersey Shore has a reputation for boardwalks, Ferris wheels, nightlife and cringe-worthy reality TV.


But the arrival of artBOX – the centrepiece of a new artists’ shipping container colony at Wildwood on the southern tip of the Jersey Shore – has added art to the list of things that this seaside community is known for.


The Wildwoods Boardwalk has been home to Morey’s Piers, a classic seaside amusement park, since 1969.

The family-owned theme park has more than 100 rides and attractions.


It is currently run by second generation Morey Brothers, Will and Jack. Jack Morey led the development of artBOX.


He says, “My brother Will and I are always searching for new entertainment ideas.

artBOX is quirky, nostalgic, cutting edge, and a true celebration of the visual and musical arts at the Jersey Shore… just the thing that belongs on the Wildwoods Boardwalk.”


In 2013, Morey’s Piers launched artBOX, a 10,000 square-foot interactive artists’ colony crafted from eleven converted shipping containers.

The cargo container complex features five artist studios, a museum shop, a double-decker sushi cafe and live musical entertainment.


A sophisticated departure from the traditional seaside amusement park offering, artBOX showcases a curated selection of handpicked local and regional artists to elevate the visitor experience.

From ocean-inspired paintings and handmade crafts to nightly musical performances and children’s art-making workshops, artBOX reflects the diversity and creativity of New Jersey’s growing artistic community, many of whom have migrated from nearby New York in recent years to escape exorbitant living costs.


The colourful cluster of recycled shipping containers offers an affordable, versatile, sustainable alternative to the expensive ateliers and galleries of New York.