Westside Acton Park is a new entertainment space on the edge of Lake Burley Griffin.

Constructed primarily from shipping containers and a metal piping exoskeleton, the temporary pop-up park has revitalised West Basin, turning it into a vibrant market square for Canberrans to come together and enjoy diverse cultural events and outstanding wine and local food.

Westside Acton Park offers the community an exciting new way to socialise and engage with public spaces.

The development is a major departure from Canberra’s traditionally staid reputation, reflecting the emergence of an exciting new creative and entrepreneurial culture in the region.

It is a contemporary urban space that features vertical gardens, pop-up galleries and a purpose built entertainment stage.


According to designer Ronan Moss, the Westside concept reflects a transformation that is taking place in Canberra.

He explains that Canberra is turning into a place of opportunity, a place that attracts a savvy breed of risk takers and innovators.

Westside is a two-year precursor to a major mixed-use development of the area. Until recently, it was among only a few commercial projects permitted on the lake, despite its status as the architectural centre of Canberra.


Built out of low cost, ready-made and durable materials, the space will be at the forefront of a new wave of contemporary architecture and design.

Everything can be reused when the pop-up park is finally dismantled and even fed back into building works around Canberra.

Westside Acton Park is part of a major urban renewal project.