When the team from Battlezone Playlive fit out their indoor combat zone at Newcastle’s Revolution Sports Park, they wanted to create an apocalyptic urban wasteland.

Laser skirmish may seem like all fun and games, but building an indoor combat zone is a serious undertaking that calls for serious materials.

When you’re on the run from a gun toting Skirmish assassin, you need a solid, sturdy place to take refuge – a laser-proof shipping container is the ultimate hideaway.


To achieve that vision, the 800-square-metre space was transformed into a rugged obstacle course, complete with inflatable walls, shipping containers (customised with hiding spots), barrels, crates, barriers and bunkers.


The Battlezone containers were modified with wall cutouts, from which combatants can snipe their prey, while some of the containers feature internal partitions where participants can duck for cover.

The container bunkers were also spray-painted with graffiti to give the space a gritty, urban edge.

Since it opened, Battlezone Playlive has become a popular pastime in Newcastle, the site springing to life on weekends with skirmish warfare.


More and more gamers are trading in their consoles for a more immersive, first-hand experience of the kind of combat that plays out on their computer screens.

Battlezone Playlive plans to add more containers in the future, stacking new containers atop existing containers and building in ramp access.