When American dog supplies and accessories company Kurgo outgrew their Massachusetts headquarters, they used recycled shipping containers to transform their existing warehouse space into a colourful, canine wonderland.


Owners Kitter and Gordie Spater teamed up with Daniel Sokol from Leed Containers to conceive the playful design. Watch a time-lapse video of the build here:

In a nod to the Spater brothers’ love of manufacturing, the bright orange shipping containers stacked around the cavernous warehouse interior were originally used to import Kurgo products.


From puppy harnesses to car seat covers, Kurgo designs and manufactures everything the discerning dog owner could need.


The warehouse space has been cleverly carved up with cargo container modules. The various modules contain everything from conference rooms to offices, and showroom to kitchen facilities.


There is a puppy-like playfulness to the design – a slippery slide connects the mezzanine level to the ground floor and an old-school rocking horse takes pride of place in the downstairs playground.


The converted shipping containers are finished with centuries old reclaimed wood from the rivers of Maine. The wood was also used to build eight kennel-like office cubicles (complete with dog-friendly AstroTurf) on the ground floor.


Most of Kurgo’s staff members are proud dog owners, and all employees are encouraged to bring their canine friends along to work, for product testing, design inspiration, or simply for the love of dogs.