When it comes to hip, collaborative workspaces, the San Francisco HQ of tech disruptor and social-coding startup GitHub is at the top of the game.

Fitted out with repurposed shipping containers, the space is an eclectic creative hub where the industrial past meets the hi-tech future.


In the early 1900s, the beautiful 55,000 square-foot brick and timber space where GitHub HQ 3.0 now stands was the site of a dried fruit packing warehouse.

When the space was refurbished in 2012, Design firm studio hatch acknowledged the rich heritage of the space using repurposed shipping containers.

The containers were deconstructed and rebuilt on site to reference the trains that once rolled right through the ground floor.

git 3

Dubbed a ‘Hacker Heaven’ by WIRED Magazine, the unorthodox three-storey office screams new millennium cool.

With its hidden hacking cubbies, animation studio, design quarters and ‘situation room’ (a board room ironically decked out with presidential pomp), the space is the ultimate haven for San Fran’s tech illuminati.

Guests can work wherever they want; in chilled out meditation rooms or dark coder caves on the second floor, or surrounded by synthetic greenery on the wooden benches in the upstairs indoor park.

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Coders are a creative lot; so individual freedom and self-assignment of workspaces are guiding principles of the GitHub vision.

Mobile, stationary and height adjustable work surfaces, cafes, and coder caves were used to give GitHubbers the flexibility to engage in different experiences throughout the day.