Has this band of bearded bakers found the answer to world peace in the back of a converted shipping container in Sydney’s west?


In 2014, Sydney’s Ameer and Joey El-Issa, together with their sister Mouna Emsis, went public with a coveted family recipe: knafeh.


The siblings launched Knafeh Bakery, a mobile shipping container cafe, giving Sydneysiders a taste of their Palestinian heritage.


The original impetus for the business was the seemingly insatiable customer demand for knafeh at the family’s restaurant in Croydon Park. Knafeh is the Hebrew name for a Palestinian pastry with mild white cheese, topped with shredded wheat and pistachios, and soaked in sweet, sugary syrup.


The food truck phenomenon was just starting to really take off in Sydney, so the siblings borrowed their mum’s secret knafeh recipe and took to the streets.


Their portable bakery is housed in a recycled shipping container, decorated with eye-catching street art that nods to the family’s heritage. The product is served with a contagious sense of fun, pride and enthusiasm.


Though the fit out is simple and unassuming, Knafeh Bakery makes waves wherever it goes. Their Jerusalem street food was an instant hit with patrons.


From the first day of trading, people flocked to the bakery and business is still booming. Melbourne now has its own mobile Knafeh Bakery and Brisbane is next in line.