Crust Gourmet Pizza Bar goes on the road


Crust Pizza recently established a fully transportable pizza bar complete with alfresco dining area.

Crust utilised four 20-foot shipping containers which retained the characteristic container exterior but introduced timber panelling to the façade of the pizza bar, branded with Crust Gourmet Pizza Bar.

Each modified shipping container is fully insulated and contains a built-in functioning cool room, a full stainless steel commercial-grade kitchen, preparation benches and serving bar, four LPG gas ovens and a full extraction system.

Pop-up awnings turn the container into a hospitality space while opening doors proudly display the range of product available within the pop-up.


The upper level of the container is devoted to an alfresco dining area complete with branded awnings and wire hand rails cleverly disguised with the branded timber façade.

A bench runs the length of the exterior, providing an elevated vista across the below area, while artificial turf underfoot and timber outdoor tables seating eight creates a relaxed outdoor area for dining.

The area is accessible via a custom-built staircase that is fully retractable.

Crust_Crust Mobile Pizza Bar_24 Mar 14 2

The unit folds neatly into an enclosed shipping container, meaning the pizza bar is fully transportable via a truck Australia-wide.

Designed and executed in house by Crust Gourmet Pizza Bar’s marketing team, the Crust Mobile Pizza Bar travels hundreds of kilometres throughout the year to attend a roster of national and local events.

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