With more than twenty years of experience in the beer game, Colorado brewery Ska Brewing now adds pizza to their repertoire with a striking shipping container café called Container of Food.


Located onsite at the Durango headquarters of Ska Brewing, Container of Food is a two-storey eatery made from two converted shipping containers, stacked atop one another.


The addition of this brightly painted double-decker diner is yet another eco-friendly business decision from a company that takes sustainability seriously.

Ska Brewing is 100 per cent wind-powered and insulated with recycled denim.


The downstairs level of Container of Food contains a walk-in cool room and kitchen.

One side of the first floor is open, connected to the brewery’s adjoining indoor tasting room, while another side faces the outdoor beer garden.


An external staircase leads up to the red second floor container, where a breezy dining area can be found.

The upstairs level is housed in a 40-foot shipping container with large window cutouts and open cargo doors, which give the elevated seating area a casual outdoors vibe.


It’s a perfect place to take in the spectacular views of the surrounding mountain landscape.

A team of nine work at the shipping container restaurant under the guidance of head chef Jeremy Storm, who serves up a range of handcrafted brick-oven pizzas and various dishes that incorporate house brews as an integral ingredient.


Container of Food combines casual food truck culture with a modern-day tasting room experience.