A Mexican tapas chain named Wahaca created a pop up restaurant using modified shipping containers.

The two-story installation located in Southbank, London, constructed using containers as a nod to the working history of the river.


The restaurant is constructed from eight shipping containers, which are stacked and create a glassed-in atrium in the centre of the structure.

The space constraints made containers an ideal product to work with – the limited height of a container allowed two floors to be fit within the volume of a single storey space.


Internally, the front and back containers are connected using a glazed link, which holds the stairway connecting the two floors and floods the space with natural light.


A tequila bar is located within the top floor containers which are cantilevered out over the restaurants ramped entrance to create a canopy above the ground floor.

Outside the structure there is a wide variety of areas to sit, from booth seats built into the raised timber deck around the building to the bottom floor’s terrace bar, to the street bar which overlooks Queen’s Walk.


Each container is painted in one of four vibrant colours, ranging from turquoise to yellow which provides a noticeable contrast with the grey surrounds.

Wahaca was created by architects Softroom.