Rudimentary In Name And Style


Rudimentary is the new kid on the block in one of Melbourne’s most diverse and bustling neighbourhoods, Footscray.

As the name suggests, the new eatery is built on the premise of simplicity and sustainability.

From a derelict corner block in Melbourne’s Little Saigon quarter, owner Desmond Huynh has carved out a delightful dining oasis, where locals meet for some of the suburb’s best food and coffee.


Flanked by fruit trees and thriving outdoor herb gardens, the restaurant is made from three artfully repurposed portable shipping containers.

Being a former student of architecture and design, Huynh’s vision for the space was informed and deliberate.

He collaborated with local architect Richard Denby to realise the vision. Mobility was a key factor influencing Huynh’s decision to build with containers.

In an interview with Broadsheet, Denby says “Because the land is quite high value, I understand we might eventually have to move, so the shipping-container design ensures we can literally just pack up and relocate if we need to.”

“We also wanted to be as sustainable as possible and breathe life into the materials we already had.”


Painted in earthy hues, the converted shipping container restaurant features a glass wall that gives patrons an unobstructed view of the surrounding courtyard.

In the warmer months, the original container doors open up onto the courtyard to give the space a light and breezy atmosphere.