What would you say if we told you that roasting coffee could lead to better educational opportunities for thousands of disadvantaged children?

Leading the charge of a new wave of social entrepreneurs, Roast Re:public is doing just that.


Founded in 2013 by Jaco de Witt, Roast Re:public has grown from a whimsical dream into a game-changing social enterprise.


From their home base in Johannesburg, the team at Roast Re:public roasts and sells coffee, meanwhile operating as a two-pronged social enterprise that enables farmers to grow better beans and empowers children with better education.


Roast Re:public dedicates half of its profits to Youth Zones, to fund education development programs around South Africa.

With a footprint in most of South Africa’s poorest communities, Youth Zones provides education support to more than 40,000 young people.


De Witt recently added a new ‘social franchise’ dimension to the organisation, creating more opportunity for South Africans in need.


Operating from a compact, mobile shipping container café, the new initiative aims to train up people from disadvantaged socio-economic backgrounds, to run their own container coffee shop.

The shell of the transportable unit is a converted shipping container and the interior is lined with cork tiles, upcycled from the bottle cork manufacturing process.


Designed by not-for-profit agency Architecture for A Change, the prefab café was made with practicality, efficiency, mobility and sustainability in mind.