The owners of Smoky Park Supper Club were thinking big when they built their new eatery on the banks of the French Broad River in Asheville, North Carolina earlier this year.

Designed by Form & Function Architecture and built by shipping container construction firm SG Blocks, the 6,000-square-foot restaurant is a striking architectural feat.

Other than some use of drywall, the entire structure is made of used shipping containers – 19 in total.


Project architect Myles Alexander told Dwell: “[Containers] are great building components, if like all building components, they are used in a manner that uses their inherent efficiencies and attributes.”

Before they could be reused, the containers were stripped of any exterior coatings and fresh coatings were applied.

The prefab building blocks were clad in Cor-Ten weathering steel and made offsite.


It took a mere three days to install the 19 containers.

The time-lapse video below shows the various stages of installation:

Smoky Park Supper Club – 19 Containers 3 Days from Douglas Hecker on Vimeo.

SG Blocks VP of Sales and Business Development David Cross told Gizmag that it takes 8,000 kWh of energy to melt down used shipping containers and only 500 kWh to reuse them for construction.

The use of shipping containers in the construction of the Smoky Park Supper Club saved a potential 142,500 kWh of energy.


Like the containers, the site was also transformed for this project.

The 1.8-acre site where the Supper Club now stands was once a derelict dumping ground, and a thorough clean-up operation was necessary before construction could start.

From that wasteland, the owners have cultivated a rustic haven where people gather to enjoy food, entertainment and warm hospitality in a beautiful country setting.