The sleepy Tasmanian wine-growing region of Apslawn is the latest Australian outpost to silhouette its skyline with recycled shipping containers.

Hazards Vineyard reopened their Devil’s Corner cellar door in November 2015 to reveal an impressive new destination for lovers of fine wine, innovative architecture, and breathtaking views.

DevCrn_001The new-and-improved wine-tasting haven makes a bold statement against the surrounding natural landscape of Tasmania’s spectacular East Coast.


Built primarily from converted shipping containers, the vertical lookout tower and wine-tasting space overlook one of Tasmania’s largest vineyards, offering views of the nearby Freycinet Peninsula.


Designed by Australian architecture firm Cumulus Studio, the Cellar Door and Lookout comprise of a loose collection of timber-clad buildings, evocative of a traditional farm or rural settlement that forms over time.


A wine-tasting area and food market are assembled around a courtyard space, which provides shelter from the surrounding environment and stunning views of the Hazards beyond.


The lookout element is central to the design, as it emphasises the unforgiving albeit beautiful natural environment from which the Devil’s Corner wines originate.


The deliberate angular placement of the timber-clad shipping containers offers visitors carefully curated, framed views of the landscape within and around the vineyard.


Deciding which foods pair best with the wine varietals may require some deliberation. But the stunning views and pristine Tasmanian air at Devil’s Corner form a flawless complement to every drop.