Riding a wave of pop-up success that started with the inaugural London Silk Bar, French luxury goods manufacturer Hermès launched a second portable showroom in Hong Kong in 2009.


Known as the Hermès Silk Bar, the eye-catching mobile pop-up moved between two inner city locations, giving luxury-loving customers an opportunity to learn more about the brand’s iconic designer scarves and how they are constructed.


Built into a converted shipping container, the concept store was decorated in the signature Hermès orange, and opened to reveal a fully equipped showroom with a colourful array of silk Hermes scarves.

Plonked, alternately, in the middle of two busy shopping thoroughfares, the vibrant shipping container conversion proved to be a true showstopper.


Colourful drinks were served at the pop up, while a live DJ kept the crowds entertained with an upbeat playlist of the latest tunes.


A team of savvy stylists were on hand at the container pop-up store at all times, to show curious customers different scarf-tying techniques and fashion tips.


Multi-coloured scarves adorned the ceiling of the structure while transparent roof panels allowed warm natural light to filter through to the counter below.


Following the popularity of the Hong Kong Hermès Silk Bar, the brand went on to trial similar ventures in Taipei and New York City.