It’s hard to impress in the fashion world – it often seems like everything’s already been done.

But global brand Hilfiger Denim made an original splash in 2011 at Berlin’s über-cool Bread and Butter tradeshow with a modular shipping container showroom, complete with swimming pool.


The head-turning Hilfiger installation was made from several converted shipping containers, stacked together to create a VIP lounge, a club hall, a fashion showroom and a see-through wading pool where svelte fashionistas could peel off their threads to take a dip.

Made from a 40-foot shipping container, the glass-walled pool proved to be an experiential highlight of the tradeshow.


Targeted at a German audience, the biannual event (also known as B&B) is located at the historical hangars of Tempelhof Airport.

Providing a platform for progressive, contemporary streetwear and clothing culture since 2001, it has become Europe’s leading trade fair for ready-to-wear fashion.


Beyond showcasing the new collections of some of the World’s top design houses, Bread and Butter is also an excursion into the lifestyles encapsulated by the various brands.

Inside Hilfiger’s converted shipping container structure, the brand’s latest range of denim was on display, while the exterior was covered in larger-than-life images of hip Hilfiger-clad models.


Constructed and refurbished by the team of savvy architects, engineers and designers at 2x20FT, the shipping container conversion was a collaboration between German production company Artdepartment Berlin GmbH and Bootsmanufaktur, who specialise in rebuilding abandoned boats.

Watch this video to see the impressive converted shipping container showroom spring to life.