If there’s one surefire way for an online retailer to get noticed in the real world, American fashion brand JackThreads seems to have nailed it.

Simply plonk a hip container pop up shop in New York City’s bustling Union Square !

After Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week in 2012, New York was crawling with even more style-hungry fashionistas than usual.

The crew from JackThreads wanted to make waves offline, so they parked a simple but striking mobile showroom in the heart of the city.


Showcasing their menswear outside of the digital realm for the first time, the popular web-based brand invited passersby into a custom-designed shipping container to check out a curated range of their ready-to-wear pieces.

The temporary store was open to the public for two days, featuring exclusive new styles before they were made available online.


The pop up store showcased the latest ensembles against an industrial interior backdrop of diamond plate steel. Quirky signage inside and outside of the container pop up shop urged onlookers to stop, take a look, and Tweet about it.

Fascinated by the flash-retail event, a hodgepodge of tourists and locals spread word of the mini men’s boutique on social media.


Once inside, visitors were invited to don fake moustaches and beards before posing for Polaroids.

One lucky Polaroid subject later won a full outfit from the brand’s warehouse.

The Pop up store concept has become popular among businesses looking to enhance their brand with interactive and experiential marketing initiatives.


Given their mobility, affordability, and design flexibility, more and more retired shipping containers are being refurbished to build mobile pop up shops.