Compared to the makeshift tents that sports brands usually use at sporting events, cycling brand Shimano’s customised mobile showroom is an impressive new kid on the block.

Described by creators as ‘The Shimano Experience‘, the blue shipping container showroom is a transportable and unique brand experience that can be dropped in at major cycling events.

Converted using shipping containers by Profile Projects, the pop-up showroom includes a display system, change room, coffee/kitchen area, bicycle workshop and wooden rooftop decking.


The Shimano Experience first appeared at the 2014 UCI Mountain Bike World Championships.

This year, it has appeared at sporting events around the country, as far afield as Adelaide, Huskisson and Cairns.

Shimano’s Brand Manager, Toby Shingleton recently told Transitions: “This is basically a controlled environment for us to show off our products, and it’s also a bit of a showcase for how we would like our dealers to look and feel.”

The pop-up brand experience has raised Shimano’s profile in a highly competitive market by shifting the focus at sporting events onto a portable consumer shopping experience.


The showroom is designed to be easily transportable and built entirely using durable shipping containers, which resist damaging weather and deter vermin.

The self-sufficient container is also fitted out with a power supply and air-conditioning for the hotter summer months, designed to mirror a typical consumer experience inside a Shimano retail outlet.

Mr Shingleton said, ”A lot of the events we go to might be out in a forest somewhere, even some triathlon and Ironman events can be away from the town centre.”

“We wanted something that could go into different environments but once you get inside it should feel like you are inside a Shimano dealer.”