Shipping containers have been a resourceful product used for different innovations over the years. The fact remains that they can be put to many uses. No matter what, you can always find ways to reuse and repurpose shipping containers. One important way a shipping container can be repurposed is as a swimming pool. Shipping container pools are gradually becoming the standard today due to its many benefits and the affordability.

Shipping Container Pools: Creating Moveable Swimming Pools

Modpools is a leading Canadian company that specializes in remodeling shipping containers for the construction of swimming pools. This offers a lot of flexibilities including easy transportation and relocation of pools in case of future renovation of homes. Above all, shipping container swimming pools are cheaper to construct compared to traditional pools. Modpools can ship their container pools worldwide. However, the pricing will dependent on your location.

If this sound like a brilliant idea to you and you want to know more about container pools, I advise you to invest a few more minutes into reading the content of this post to the end. I will share with you everything you need to know about shipping container swimming pools and how Modpools can easily make them to suit your specific needs. I will also share with you some of the available designs and features, which include: advantages, timeframes, costs, installation and some frequently asked questions. Now, let’s get started with the basics!

Shipping Container pools



How Do Shipping Container Pools Work?

If you call it mobile swimming pool, you may not be far from the truth. Unlike the pre-fabricated fibreglass pool or a concrete pool, container pools are transported to your desired location, and may be dug into the ground or just placed on the ground at your home. Container pools placed above the ground can be accessed using a ladder or they can be placed next to an elevated deck or patio to add aesthetic values to your building. Stairs can also be built into the side of the container and protected by a security gate. The containers used are usually rust-free, and are sealed and waterproofed so they can safely handle the water. Then, the container is plumbed with a filtration system and filled with water, just like it is done with the traditional pools. Here are some of the pros and cons of shipping container pools:


  • Containers are robust and last several years if they are properly waterproofed and regularly maintained.
  • The narrow shape and size of the containers make for near perfect lap pools
  • Container swimming pools can be placed above or below ground level
  • Container pools are re-locatable and can be moved to another location within the site or elsewhere.
  • Easy to install compared to traditional pools
  • They can be transported and ship to any location worldwide
  • They are cheaper to construct when compared to the pre-fabricated fibreglass pool or a concrete pool


  • Containers are limited in size, especially the width.
  • Container pools are deep and may require additional labor and cost to make them kids-friendly.


Modpools offers some of the best shipping container pools in Canada and around the world. The company pride itself as the provider of swimming pools of the future. Some of the unique features of shipping container pools from Modpools are:

  • Easy control of your pool’s temperature, jets and lighting by making use of your smartphone.
  • Unlike conventional pools that may take weeks to complete, Modpools’ swimming pool can be up and running same day it arrives.
  • What about a Container Spa? You can add a Modpools divider to convert your pool into a hot-tub if desired.

Here are a few frequently asked questions and the appropriate answers that can help clear some of the questions you may have in your mind:

Can Modpools ship worldwide?

One of the greatest advantages of shipping containers is that they can be transported easily. This makes it easy for Modpools to ship worldwide. The pricing will, however, depend on your location.

How long does it take for Modpools to manufacture a Container Pool?

Modpools builds each pool to suit individual customer’s site. The completion duration may depend on the number of customers who have placed their order before you. However, once the pool is delivered to your site, it becomes up and running immediately. Always contact Modpools for up-to-date lead times.

How do I install a Modpools container pool?

You can install your Modpools with the help of your local contractors. All you need to do is to prepare the ground using a concrete slab. Although there are various ways to prepare your ground, the most common and cost effective one is 8” of compacted gravel. Once the pool is installed, you only need to do the following:

1) Fix the natural gas/propane for the heater

2) Connect 40 amp electrical services and designated ground wire




What is cost of a Modpools’ container pool?

Modpools’ container swimming pool comes in three different sizes and designs. The base prices can be found on their website for the various designs which are (correct at time of publication):

  • 8’X12’: $16,500 USD | $21,900 CAD
  • 8’X20’: $29,900 USD | $37,900 CAD
  • 8’X40’: $39,900 USD | $49,900 CAD

You should, however, note that Modpools ships worldwide. Therefore, there may be additional charges to the base prices depending on your location.

Does the window come standard?

The common sizes of windows on the side walls are 4×8 and 4×10. However, Modpools can help you build custom windows based on your needs. It should be noted that windows are not included in the base prices.




What are the possible colors to which I can paint my pool?

Modpools offers different colors for the exterior and the interior of your pool. These include: White, Grey, or Black for the exteriors and Aqua Blue or Grey for the interiors.

Can I place my pool above or below the ground?

Modpools can install pools on both levels. You can install your container pool either above the ground or below the ground, depending on your needs.

How many jets are in the hot tub?

Modpools’ container swimming pools come standard with 8 body jets in the hot tub for both the 20’ and 40’ sizes. The jets can be controlled using your smartphone.





Shipping container swimming pools has become a part of modern homes. They help to create fun as well as add aesthetic values to homes. Contact Modpools today for your customised container pools. Modpools offers the best shipping container swimming pools in Canada and around the world.