Accommodation Containers

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Accommodation Containers – Temporary or Permanent

Shipping container accommodation units are low-cost, environmentally friendly, and highly customizable housing ideal for temporary or mobile accommodations. They are popularly used for holiday or student housing or mining and construction sites, but their uses are truly limitless.

There are numerous benefits to using portable accommodation containers:

Low in Cost
Shipping container housing is quite inexpensive. Even brand-new shipping container accommodation units are vastly less costly than traditional, labour-intensive housing. You also have the option of purchasing a used accommodation unit when we have them in stock, which can further diminish your costs.

Easy and Fast Set-up/Construction
Shipping containers are designed to standard measurements and are made to be stacked atop or fitted adjacent to one another. This makes construction and set-up of an accommodation container quite simple – certainly much simpler than a brick and mortar construction. And once you are finished using the accommodation unit, or would like to transport it to another location, it is as easy and inexpensive as having a crane or forklift transport the unit and place it somewhere new.

Strong and Durable
Shipping containers are designed to carry extremely heavy loads, to withstand harsh environments, and to be stacked one on top of another. Thus, they are constructed to be tough, durable, and of very high quality.

Environmentally Friendly
Using shipping containers for accommodation reduces the amount of energy and wood needed for set up and construction.

Modulate Containers carries a wide range of mobile accommodation containers which come in a variety of sizes and layouts. You are free to custom design your unit(s) and have our engineers build to your exact specifications. Additionally, there is a large range of accessories available to further meet your specific accommodation needs, including but not limited to: kitchenette, ensuite, air conditioner, and custom doors, windows, and flooring.

So, contact Modulate Containers with any enquiries and let us happily meet your accommodation needs today.

Features & Benefits
• Lighting & power
• Easy plumbing options
• Ready for immediate use
• Pre-designed or custom layouts
• Bathroom and kitchen optional inclusions
• Bedroom partitions
• Large range of doors and windows
• Stackable
• Cyclone rated