Explosive Magazines

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Explosive Magazines – Ammunition and Detonator Storage

Modulate Containers knows that storing explosives is serious business and a critical safety issue. If your operation requires the storage or transport of high or low-grade explosive materials, combustible materials, dynamite, TNT, pyrotechnics, or any other explosive, you need a high quality explosive magazine. That is why we have the best, most varied inventory of explosive magazines in Australia. The explosive magazine is a secure, protective container built to store ammunition, explosives, and other hazardous materials. This rugged container is outfitted with an internal safety door handle, ventilation, and a lockable stainless-steel valve. Unlike our competitors’ valves, ours is located under the rear sill to ensure the safest method of explosives management. This valve is useful not only for explosive storage, but also when storing non-hazardous materials that carry a risk of leakage.

Modulate Containers explosive magazines are Australian-made and constructed to AS2187.1-1998. The magazines meet or exceed the rigid requirements of Australian Explosive Storage Regulations. They come in various sizes and can store up to 20,000 Kg of explosives, detonators, MILSPEC, fireworks, and other hazardous materials.

Our explosive magazines are industry recognized and respected for their quality construction and structural integrity. Modulate Containers explosive magazines are built to store and transport materials such as oxidants, flammable liquids, bombs, and gun powder, as well as heavier explosives used by the military, mining, defence force, and police industries. They are ISO compliant for easy transport.

We have years of experience in the secure, compliant storage of explosives and ammunition, so let our experience work for you. Call us with any questions or fill in a quote form for a complete price guide.

Features & Benefits
• Comply to Australian Standards
• Secure
• Tropical roof kits available
• Heavy duty construction

• Explosive storage
• Detonator storage
• Ammunition storage