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Our First Aid Room Containers are a high quality, transportable medical clinic. Its design is ideal for use in mines, construction sites, and other work sites in rural locales where immediate preliminary medical assistance can be administered onsite.

By their nature, the construction and mining industries are hazardous workplaces. Regulations require that there be first aid provisions on site in order to address workplace accidents and injuries, such as burns, falls, and exposure to hazardous substances. Modulate Containers specifically designed our First Aid Room Containers with this in mind. Our first aid rooms are clean, safe, and secure. They contain plenty of room and are adequately stocked with many medical supplies and equipment to properly treat sick and injured staff.

The standard Modulate Containers First Aid Room Containers are equipped with lighting and power, reverse cycle air conditioning, examination couch, sink, fridge, hot water system, various medical supplies, and more. They are Australian-made from either 20 foot or 40 foot new-build general purpose containers.

Other standard features/accessories include:
• Personnel door
• Security window
• Vinyl flooring
• Full insulation
• Kitchenette
• First aid metal cabinet
• Oxygen mask with cylinder
• Samarian defibrillation unit
• Scoop stretcher
• Fixed desk, office chair, patient chair, and filing cabinet
• Eye wash station
• 50L yellow medical waste bin and 2L sharpes safe wall mount
• Wall mount storage cabinet
• ABE fire extinguisher

To put safety first at your worksite, look to Modulate Containers’ first aid room. For more information call us at 1300 278 119 or fill out a quote form for a complete price guide. We’ll be happy to hear from you.

Features & Benefits
• Portable
• Short or long-term projects
• 20′ & 40′ options
• Large range of first aid accessories

• Construction and mining sites
• Events
• Remote areas