Shipping Container Cafes

Portable Retail Solutions

Although shipping containers are well known for their storage and shipping purposes, they can also be converted into several other useful products. They can easily be remodeled into cafes, bars, kiosks and shops. In fact, shipping containers offer startup entrepreneurs in Australia the opportunity to own their own café, coffee shop or pop up store. If you’re conversant with happenings in your neighborhood, you must have noticed the rate at which shipping container cafes are popping up these days. This is not a coincidence. Rather, it is due to the fact that more and more people are beginning to realize how easy and cheap it is to set up their own café using shipping containers.  No doubt, shipping containers are the ideal choice for up-and-coming Aussie entrepreneurs running on low budgets.

In case you’ve been planning to establish a café, but your budget is too low to secure a traditional commercial rent space, a shipping container might be your solution. However, if you’re still in doubt on why you should build your café with a shipping container, the following advantages of using these containers will help clear all your doubts and motivate you to make an informed decision on the right hub for your business. 

Advantages of Shipping Container Cafés

There are several reasons why shipping container cafes are so popular today. Some of these reasons may be personal to you and your business, while others may be for the good of the society at large. Here are a few benefits of shipping container cafes:

  1. Cost-Effectiveness

The obvious reason why shipping containers are becoming extremely popular in recent times is due to the fact that they are affordable. More and more people are becoming aware of how easy and cheap it is to setup their business with containers. Of course, shipping containers are arguably the ideal choice for beginners as the tradition commercial rent space may be too expensive for them.

  1. Availability

Shipping containers are in abundant supply worldwide. Therefore, acquiring one to convert into a café won’t be difficult. We can easily convert a container to your taste and needs, and then, transport it to your choice location. It gives you the opportunity to try several spots until you find the perfect place where there is high demand for your products and services.

  1. Portability

If your café caters for events and festivals, a shipping container cafe offers you the flexibility to meet your clients at their place of needs due to its portability. This feature gives you the opportunity to run a mobile café. People can request for your services at their events and festivals. All you need to do is to transport your container café down to the location and pick a stand where you can serve people at the event.

  1. Hygienic and Environmental Friendly

A shipping container café can be taken care of easily and kept clean. All the amenities of a traditional eatery can be fixed to it including a proper kitchen with working plumbing. We build our Container Cafes to a Food Preparation standard which includes stainless steel benches and coved flooring for easy cleaning. Also, shipping container cafes are environmental friendly and do not constitute a source of hazard to humans.

  1. Security

Shipping containers are very strong. They cannot be open easily by intruders. Therefore, they guarantee safety of all the supplies and equipment you store in the shop. So, you don’t have to feel troubled about your belongings. Just make sure you lock your container doors and awnings properly.

  1. Flexibility

In case your business picks up and you need more space, our shipping container cafes offer you the flexibility to easily scale up. All you need to do is to add another container to expand your space capacity.

  1. It Is an Asset

Your shipping container café can be considered as a physical asset. When you rent a brick-and-mortar place, all your rent payments disappear. You can’t even recover the money you spent to beautify the café to make it looks more impressive to your customers. However, the money you invested in a shipping container café will still come back to you in case you decide to stop running the business. You can sell your container to regain your investments or take it to another location in case you feel like relocating.

Some of the Features to Expect In a Modified Shipping Container

Shipping container can be modified to any shape or size, depending on your needs. Nearly everything you will see in a brick-and-mortar café can be fixed into a shipping container café. Some of the things you can find in a shipping container cafe includes:

  • Full-length lockable, side opening doors
  • Commercial vinyl flooring
  • Retail-style lighting
  • Complete electric packs including power, light, and heating.
  • Work areas with benches, sinks, stoves, refrigerators and any accompanying plumbing.
  • Decking and awnings for the windows

Where Can You Buy Shipping Containers In Australia?

If you live in Australia and you’re looking for the best place to buy your shipping containers, Modulate Containers is the right place to go. The company has one of the biggest container modification facilities in Australia. It sells all types of containers and can also help you to convert your shipping container into a cafe. Once you have secured a space, whether in a corner of land, in a car park, at the beach, on a vacant block of land, at a spot on a marina, a marketplace, a dog park, or on a building site, Modulate Containers can help you build a shipping container café to your specifications – from start to finish. Contact Modulate Containers today for your customized shipping container cafe.

The Bottom Line

There is no doubt that shipping container cafés offer cost-effective benefits and a host of other opportunities for budding entrepreneurs in Australia looking for easy ways to kick-start their businesses. Modulate Containers are familiar with pop up cafes and they supply containers that are used to create them. Hence, if you’re looking to buy or build a shipping container café, contact Modulate Containers today for the best services and a prompt delivery.