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Shipping Container Shelters – Maximise your Covered Storage

Another innovative product offering by Modulate Containers: the shipping container shelter. Generally, this construction consists of a dome roof shelter mounted on top of shipping containers. This product is especially useful when you require a high roof and/or secure, large-scale storage. Our Shipping Container Shelters can stand alone or can be placed atop single containers, double stacked containers, or walls/posts. When using double stacked containers, a 5-meter-high wall is created, allowing for plenty of room for the storage of trucks, trams, and other large-scale equipment.

Shipping Container Shelters are a great low-cost, portable option for the following purposes:
• general storage
• temporary buildings
• mining and construction
• workshop or factory floor space
• storage of corrosive materials or materials in need of protection from the elements, such as: fertilisers and chemicals, equipment and machinery, market gardens and nursery consumables, vehicles, trams, and mechanical workshops.

Shipping container shelters are low-cost, portable, and require no foundations (frame footings are bolted or welded to containers). They are highly customizable and come in a variety of sizes and configurations to suit any application. Shipping containers boast a low cost of shipment and assembly, have low radiant heating, require no beams (which means no roosting birds), come in a large range of colours, can be transportable, can handle high winds, and can contain total sun block out.

Modulate Containers container shelters are available in two ranges: economy and premium. The economy range consists of prefabricated shelters with a select size range. The premium range of container shelters offers a wider variety of sizes and can be custom made to order. Both economy and premium ranges are made to Australian standards and come with standard 5-10 year warranties.

For enquiries or quotes on our shipping containers, contact us by calling 1300 278 119 or by filling in the instant quote form.

Features & Benefits
• Premium & Economy ranges available
• Easily re-locatable
• Rugged framework
• Large range of sizes
• Engineered to AUS/NZ safety standards
• Cyclone rated
• Permanent or temporary shelter solution

• Complete worksite cover
• Construction sites
• Mining
• Holiday parks
• Schools and universities
• Agricultural structures
• Animal shelters